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Application of scale-preserving hair in all kinds of wigs
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Generally we talk about the protection of scaly hair, mostly refers to hair products. In the end those wig products can protect scales, those can not?

A natural color-protecting scaly hair, made from braided or inverted hairs.

Natural color protection Scales hair curtain, ditto. The general manufacturers will be the hair curtain folding part of a slight pickling, one can be removed grease, so that the hair more easily glued to the tie line site. The second is the reverse direction of the folding part, the scale direction change, pickling can prevent sewing parts knot. This is also to protect scales hair.

Since can make the hair curtain, the clip hair also certainly can.

Natural Color tape hair extensions, nail hair, stick hair, fish line hair, wire hair, etc., also can do to protect scales.

Why must the natural color? Can other colors not be able to protect scales?

OK. But with the current process level, do dyeing hair protection scales, or more difficult. Because fading dyes need to be in a relatively high temperature of water (or chemical liquids), hair is easily entangled with each other knot. Therefore, in the protection of scaly hair dye fade, to a small amount of. Very carefully. So the amount of labor and chemicals is very large. Hair is a waste of serious. Therefore, in the customer and you want to dye hair to protect the scales, with the customer said understand, want high-end products, do not care too much about the price.

When the application of scale-protection hair hook products (lace hair, accessories ahead, etc.), need to fold more than the short hair part of the area for pickling, the general fold three to six inches, this part of the need for pickling.

There are some factories will tell you that his products are part of the scale, such as 60% scale, 30 scale, and so on, in fact, is the difference between the severity of the acid. Because the wool scale is invisible to the naked eye. So someone started to cheat and make money out of it. Obviously not to protect scales, but also tell you to protect scales. He bet you wouldn't spend thousands of bucks buying a magnifying glass or microscope. So in the procurement of products to protect scales, be careful. I do not know or find experts to help detect better. The same as the braid hair, this is a wig fake a hardest hit.