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How to buy Wigs
- Jan 26, 2018 -

1, look at the design content of a wig is fashionable, it is necessary to see the designer's vision and level. A number of South Korean and Japanese hair stylist, gathered in Asia popular factors.

2, look at hair quality hair is the main factor of wig performance.

3, look at the net hat accessories a hairstyle wear can be comfortable, whether durable, but also to see the net cap and all kinds of accessories. Sourcing all kinds of net caps and accessories from the world, concentrate the best raw materials.

4, look at the net hat standards are known, the European Head and Asian head type difference is very large, Asian face generally wide, vertical depth. Collect tens of thousands of Chinese head-type data, the development of suitable for the Chinese net cap, to change to shallow depth of wide surface.

5, see the additional service when the wig does not wear, equipped with the "hair support" will not destroy hairstyle. Many wigs use hair, accessories are not good enough, so do not support the wash, it advocates like washing hair care to clean wigs.

6, look after the after-sales service, wig is also merchandise, therefore, the implementation of the State regulation of the exchange policy.

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