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Nursing care of Hair extension
- Jan 26, 2018 -

After the good hair in the correct care can be maintained for 3 months or so, but you must do the following:

1. Comb the hair every day to comb must be round head spacing wide, comb do not force too much, otherwise will cause hair loss.

2. Shampoo and conditioner must be acidic.

3. Do not in the sun exposure time too long.

4. When blowing, do not close to the root of the hair.

5. Do not rub the hair at the root.

6. Wig tablets need regular care: professional wig shop bought wig, can be sent back regularly to clean with professional cleaning agent. If it is bought in the general store, you can use moisturizing shampoo. First the hair piece soaked in cold water for a few minutes, after the drip of 2 drops of shampoo, with the hands of the bubble is good, and finally placed in the ventilation of natural dried.

7. Standing at hand with the hair spray: one of the uncomfortable, is not to comb the hair, especially after the wind, the more anxious the more the comb is not smooth, provoked hair is very easy to go mad. There is a smooth hair spray in the hand is much more convenient, with the finger dredge can.