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The difference between the hair
- Jan 26, 2018 -

True hair more real, supple, easy to do dyeing, hot operation and easy to wash, so now more commonly used. The principle of hair grafting is very simple, that is, the processed human hair "grafting" to the original hair. Need to divide the hair into a number of cells, and then a lock of a lock and together, is a "slow work malt." It meets the appetite of young people who want to grow their short hair, grow thicker, and have long hair without the need for baked color oil to reach the depart dyeing effect. But if your hair is long and short (the standard headrest), then you can try the belt hair, which requires a shorter length of hair than the other type of connection.

The type of hair is different, then the way of receiving hair is different, some type of hair must be done by professional hairdresser, while others only need to operate on their own, such as: Clip Hair and so on. Hair quality is divided into two kinds of real hair and fiber, you can choose according to their preferences. True hair can be perm, hair dye and nutrition care, and easy to comb. The fiber is colourful but not easy to comb. In order for the hair to be connected with the natural hair root appears color coordination, the adhesive wax according to each hair color difference divides into the black, the purple, the red and the yellow four kinds.

If your hair wants to change from short to long or thicker by thin, and the choice is true hair, then according to the length of the different prices of about 1000 yuan-2500 yuan; If you just to change the mood and randomly connect two strands of color hair, the price is about 250 yuan. If you choose fiber filament, the price will be slightly lower.

If you're tired of having long hair or colored hair, the hairdresser will take them off with a specialty potion. If you often use alkaline shampoo when you wash your hair, it will fall off naturally.