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What is Hair Extension
- Jan 26, 2018 -

The hair is the recent introduction by the European hairstyle technology, as the name suggests, the hair is to get to his true hair, instantaneous from short to long change, hair can be a wig, can also be true hair.

Hair separation mechanism wig and hand wig two, the material used for chemical fiber wire and two kinds of hair, fiber to pvc,pet material, according to add flame retardant and can distinguish flame retardant wire and flame retardant wire. Domestic fake hair with Tourneau brand as a technical representative. The international quality of Canicalon (Kanekalon) in Japan is a popular trend. Hair Wigs by Purpose: accessories (accessory, or hardware) hair (hair piece,toupee), headgear (wig,lace wig,full, lace wig,front lace) hair (wig hair ). Domestic sales generally referred to the hand-made wig as a material for replacement.

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