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Classification Of Black Weft
- Jan 26, 2018 -

According to the production process, can be divided into hand-woven hair curtain and machine hair curtain

According to the raw materials can be divided into real hair curtains and chemical fiber hair curtains and hair hair fiber hair curtain

The color of hair curtain is dark (1 #, 1B #,), brown (2 #, 4 #, 6 #, 8 #), light color (22 #, 24 #, 60 #, 613 # Color (mainly red, blue, green, etc.) and so on

Curtain curvature are: straight hair, curly hair. Curves which have many curls, such as BODY WAVE, CURLY, ITALIAN WAVE and so on.

Hair curtain length: 8 "-40", even longer or shorter. Normally, 18 "-24" is the favorite length of a female friend.

Of course, in order to meet the requirements of foreign customers, many manufacturers have made 113 g / bar (because 4 ounce = 113 g).

The purpose of the hair curtain: directly to the hair, do the hair clip, do three kinds of use of the hood.