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Classification Of Hair Weft
- Jan 25, 2018 -

According to the production process, can be divided into hand-woven curtains and mechanism hair curtain

According to the raw material can be divided into, human hair curtain and chemical fiber hair curtain and man-made fiber hair curtain

Hair Shade color has dark (1#,1b#,), Brown (2#,4#,6#,8#), light (22#,24#,60#,613#,white, etc.), crazy color (mainly refers to red, blue, green, etc.)

The hair curtain curvature has: straight hair, curly. One of the curly has a lot of curvature, such as body wave, curly, Italian wave and so on.

The length of the curtain is: 8 "-40", or even longer or shorter. Typically, 18 "-24" is a favorite length for a female friend.

The weight of the curtain, usually, 100 grams/article, of course, in order to meet the requirements of foreign customers, many manufacturers have made 113 grams/article (because 4 oz = 113 grams).

The use of the curtain: directly to the hair, do clip hair, do wigs three kinds of usage.

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