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How Many Types Of Real Person Hair?
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Hair classification, many people will be more specific. Because there is no indication according to what indicators to classify, some by country, some by region, some by grade, and so on.

Let's talk a little more about the basic attributes of your hair in terms of grade classification.

Bubble hair, shaved, braid, is the hair different source of different quality of three basic grades.

Bubble hair, previously resolved, is the hair peeling off, collected to process the head and tail of the hair chaos. Before being used in a wig, the hair scale is removed from the surface by pickling. Chemically treated hair becomes brittle and has a short lifespan. is a relatively low grade hair quality.

Shaved, according to its source, we can know that shaved is messy, mixed, but not hair off from the top, but the barber shop cut down to collect. This kind of hair property is mixed, the uniformity is poor, the fading rate of dyeing is low. Mixed with a lot of baked oil dyed in the hair inside. Although hair quality is slightly better than bubble hair, but there are many defects. After the device was developed, shaved was palmed braid.

Braided Hair, is a plait of one braid cut down to collect. The hair itself is smooth, the hair scale direction is not chaotic, is a good wig raw material. Prices have gone up sharply in recent years. So the market is full of fake braid hair products. Difficult to identify. Later will give you some identification methods. But there is no guarantee of complete discrimination. Still need to practise the manufacturer to be able to make goods with conscience, the real only line. Although make a wig, but can not use false raw materials.