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How To Care For Hair Weft?
- Jan 25, 2018 -

Whether it is pure human hair, or man-made fiber wig, used for a long time will be contaminated, dirty, so in the use of wigs before the best in the hair to sew a hair net, so that both help to fix, and easy to clean.

The wig usually wears 4-5 times to clean once. Before washing, use coarse teeth soft brush or thin tooth comb lightly from top to bottom comb, wash dirt and dust clean; Then, put the wig into the water-soluble detergent of warm water (temperature 25-30 ℃), soak 10 minutes after the wig by hand gently rinse, rinse can be used comb gently comb the bond on the wig. Note that you must not put the wig in the water to rub, otherwise it will cause wig off and broken hair, and finally, rinse the wig with water clean, with dry towel gently suction dry wig on the moisture, hanging in the ventilation of natural dry.