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How To Wear Hair Curtains Quickly
- Jan 25, 2018 -

How to wear a wig curtain quickly? The key is to leave a "fulcrum" for the fixed wig curtain!

The first step: one hand grabbed the front hair, the other hand with a comb to the front hair down a few, the purpose is to let the front hair slightly peng up.

The second step: the fluffy front hair, twisted into a twist braid, and the U-shaped hairpin fixed, and then the whole high beam of hair.

The third step: to just twist the top of the braided braid as "Fulcrum", will be the wig curtain on the top, and finally seriously tidy wig curtain with the junction of the real hair, in order to let out the effect more natural.

Special reminder: In the choice of wig curtain, first of all to measure their head circumference, too small wig curtain will have a sense of oppression, affecting the blood circulation of the head, causing headaches, dizziness and other phenomena; too large will be a lack of security.