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Quality Grade Identification Of Real Person Hair Curtain
- Jan 25, 2018 -

In black wigs, the real person hair curtain is one of the most important products. Almost every company that touches a wig hair product usually touches a hair curtain. Hair Curtain is a variety of products, sometimes used for clip hair. The specific use of hair curtains is also varied. Usually used for sewing headgear. The sewing method has the net cap to have with the net cap, also has the adhesive. There are a lot of strange ways to use, you can go to YouTube to find a video to see.

Here to teach everyone is how to identify the quality of the hair curtain, the grade.

Hair grade roughly divided into three categories: bubble hair curtain, shun hair hair curtain, braid hair curtain. Subdivision of each one can also be divided into two categories, bubble hair curtains can be classified: there are hair follicle hair curtain and push head bubble hair curtain, push head bubble hair curtain can also be divided into lower push head and full push head bubble hair curtain (here head refers to the hair follicle)

Straight hair curtains can be divided into true hair and hair curtains and straight hair curtain. As for what is true shun hair, what is the straight hair, the previous articles are introduced, please see for yourselves.

Braid Hair curtains can be divided into braid hair and hair curtains and single strands of hair curtains. A lot of braided hair mixed together, pull into the file hair, made out of the hair curtain is a braid hair curtain. And alone with one or two of people's braids made out of the hair curtain is a single braid hair curtain. The latter is superior to the former in a variety of performance, but in large-scale standardization of production, but there are great limitations. The reason is simple, everyone's hair is different, color, thickness, and so on all kinds of difference.

Now the mainstream of real people on the market hair curtain products, roughly on these species. One of the natural color hair curtains, accounted for the largest, the other color hair curtain relatively less.

Good natural color real hair curtain, must have the following characteristics: Can drift can be dyed, can be hot. Even if you can not dye pure light, you must be able to dye the color number. The curtains are evenly spaced, without too many seams and threads. Sewing thread is neat, the stitch is dense evenly. Almost no hair loss. No noise, white hair, etc. The length of the hair is uniform and constant. The longest part of the proportion is not less than 15%, hair no foreign body, cotton knot, lice and so on. The hair is not cold dyed. (to identify whether the color of natural color, as long as the use of hot water to add a little detergent washing hair, cold dyed water will be black) hair is hundred people, do not contain other fiber hair. Only with these conditions, it is a good natural color hair curtain products.

In addition, whether to protect scales (shun hair and braid hair curtain), whether it can be dyed light-colored, but also to judge the quality of hair curtains is an important indicator.