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The Difference Between The Natural Color And The Pressure Color And The Resolution Method
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Natural color, hair products are defined as the color of the hairs themselves. And only for real hair.

Natural color is not a fixed color, different two people, hair will have color differences. In different countries, different ethnic hair, color difference is even greater.

This particular natural color, is the processing of a good wig, without staining. What appears is the color of the hair itself. The hair of the average Asian is naturally colored to black brown. Natural color as a way to identify the quality of wigs is still very useful. Because, natural color, can be more intuitive to show the hair itself a variety of real state, such as is not processed, is not dyed, bleaching and so on. Once the hair is pressed (that is, the hair is dyed close to the natural color), it is difficult to tell the original state of the hair. So we are in the procurement of wig hair products, learn to see the wig is not natural color, is a good way to identify the quality of wigs.

How can you tell if your hair is natural or have you dyed it? There are two ways to use, one, wash. Very simple, the real hair wig products with hot water wash, you can add detergent wash clothes and other detergents. See if the color has darkened. If not black, but some yellow, basically can be judged is not color. At least it is not cold dye (acid dye dyeing method, easier to color, but also easier to bleach). Second, is to use a more sharp blade scraping hair surface, if the color is not white or yellowish, are not normal.