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The Source Of The Wig Hair
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Today's hair supply, has formed a more mature industrial chain. From collection to processing there are professional people doing it. When I was in the business, now 20 years ago, some of the hair riding on the bike, full street yell, buy braids. I wonder if you have any impressions. Of course the young man is not catching up. The hair is collected. No matter what his hair, where he came from, which country he was from, it was collected at 1.1. In those years, we only knew the plait, the Big girl Xiaoxifu's plait, cut from the top of the head, collected back, to the hair market to sell hair processing factory. But like India and some other countries, they believe in religion, it is said that hair can only go to the temple to cut, they can not cut. Hair will fall long, we will lose hair every day, and then grow new. So, the smart people of Southeast Asia who are short of money have come up with a way to comb their hair off each time they have accumulated and come up with more money to sell. This is a special term known to the industry: bubble hair. Also, to the barber shop haircut, barber shop will cut the long hair to sell hair quotient, this came out the second source of hair: shaved. Combined with the previous mention of the girl Xiaoxifu Braid, short braid, constitute the current wig hair, the main three major sources. Of course, there are some other sources, such as just said all to the temple haircut, temples hair also sold to the hair quotient, commonly known as the Temple hair. As for there is no tonsure to the dead, the hair to sell, I did not see, do not dare to nonsense, but China should not have it.

Recovered hair, commonly known as germinal, can not be directly used in wig production. Hair processing plants need to be collected back to the germinal processing, the separation of files, processing into a variety of different lengths of a hand, the factory called file hair. The length of the hair is measured in inches. So why not use the Chinese unit of measurement, it is estimated that the wig industry from South Korea to China, at first in China's South Korean wig factory to collect hair, they used the way they measure. It is also worth mentioning that the file is usually an even length. Factories generally produce only two-dimensional, 8 ' 10 ' 12 ', and so on, and do not produce 9 "11"-odd-length gears.

How the file hair is processed, a look at the picture will know. The hair that has just been collected and processed is of course very dirty, but the legendary hair carries the virus, the estimate also has no credibility. Every day, the workers of the stall-issuing factory pick up their hair, and they don't see anyone infected with the virus. Now the hair comes from all over the world. A large number of Chinese go abroad to collect hair in underdeveloped areas. Formed a perfect industrial chain. Why is the economy underdeveloped area? People in the developed regions cut their hair short, month-month haircuts, and rarely have long hair that can be used for wigs.