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The Use Of Wigs
- Jan 25, 2018 -

One, repair with a wig

It acts like a denture. Like a just need. The important sign is that if the user does not wear a wig, it will be a flaw. A replacement block worn by a bald person, most black women wear hair-curtain accessories, headgear, medical wigs, and hair-thinning wigs for middle-aged and elderly people, all of which fall into this category. The use of such wigs is obvious, two words: repair. When we sell this kind of wig, the customer's intention is better. Can not take customers, more with their own products to find the reason for it

The second category is decorated with wigs. Different from the first type needed, the user of such a wig does not have a missing hair. That means there is no problem without a wig. But in order to decorate beautiful, wear various types of wigs: Like all kinds of hair, basically belong to this category. Hair can also be attributed to this category according to the different needs of the users. The characteristic of this type of wig is that wigs are not necessary, but they are better. Some people are afraid to burn their hair to the detriment of health, sometimes will choose to wear a wig hot dye, change the shape, is also a good choice.

The third category is the logo wig

The longest seen is the lawyer wig. We watch Hong Kong TV dramas, we can see in the British rule, lawyers are wearing wigs, but also a basic style. This became a symbol of identity. There are also such as fan wigs, which can be regarded as such.

Fourth category, film and television drama with wigs

This kind of wig sometimes coincides with the third category. For example, some famous historical figures, in the film and television plays need to wear a wig to restore their original appearance. There are also a number of plays, stage plays, Masquerade, Halloween and other wigs worn, belong to this category.