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What's The Difference Between A Hair And A Hair Weft?
- Jan 25, 2018 -

Grafting: The hair is to receive his true hair, instant from short hair to long change, hair can be a wig, can also be true hair. Because the real hair is more real, supple, easy to do dyeing, hot operation and easy to wash, so now more commonly used. The principle of hair grafting is very simple, that is, the processed human hair "grafting" to the original hair. Need to divide the hair into a number of cells, and then a lock of a lock and together, is a "slow work malt." It meets the appetite of young people who want to grow their short hair, grow thicker, and have long hair without the need for baked color oil to reach the depart dyeing effect. But if your hair grows short (standard headrest), you're still out of fashion.

Hair Curtain: In accordance with the production process, can be divided into hand-woven hair curtains, and the mechanism of the curtain according to the raw materials can be divided into, human hair curtain and chemical fiber hair curtain or man-made chemical fiber hair curtain color black silk, short 1b, beige abbreviation 613, such as hair curtain style: Large waves, small waves, straight hair.